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Jillian's Jitterbug Foundation would like to assist as many families as we possibly can.  Despite our events that take place periodically throughout the year, it is still difficult to reach all families and provide things they need like electric wheelchairs.  Therefore, we need your help to keep our foundation running!

Donate Directly to Jillian's Jitterbug Foundation

Your generous donations help keep our foundation running and help validate our volunteers hard work and dedication.  

All checks can be made out to "Jillian's Jitterbug" and mailed to 190 Kings Ridge Court, Southern Pines 



We welcome and greatly appreciate all of the help we can get at fund raising events, phone calls/mailings etc.  Our volunteer hours are very flexible and can often times be done from the comfort of your own home.  






To setup a recurring donation, please select an option below:

How Can I Help?

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