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David Bidwell, MBA
Lynne Carbone And Associates 



David Bidwell joined LCA in May 2013 as a Strategy and Management Consultant. He has earned an MBA from American University, as well certifications in a number of other areas, including facilitation, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator administration, and I-Nexus strategy execution software.


While at LCA, David has been Lynne Carbone’s principle partner in designing and delivering strategic planning, organizational change, and team development engagements to a variety of federal agencies, trade associations, professional societies, and private sector companies. David performs the majority of the firm’s data collection and analysis (including employee and stakeholder input) which culminates in reports designed to aid in the strategic planning process and ultimate decision making for our not for profit organization. He is also the author of LCA’s quarterly “Emerging Trends” document which provides a scan of global, national, and industry specific trends which may impact clients in the long term.


Prior to joining LCA, David was an entrepreneur and small business owner, as Co-Founder and CFO of ReefCam, LLC. The company broadcast and sold live HD video streams from coral reefs around the world directly to users via mobile apps, television, and the web. ReefCam also licensed its feeds to a number of high profile customers including National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Oceana. David eventually sold his stake in the company after connecting with LCA where he was drawn to strategic planning and the prospect of facing new challenges across diverse industries.

He is a great help for everything we do here at Jillian's Jitterbug Foundation as a not for profit organization. We are all about supporting  children with disabilities, like Cerebral Palsy, with the provision of crucial equipment.

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