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My twin sister Jillian was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was just a year and a half.  Being an identical twin, my sister and I are thicker than thieves.  I have witnessed my parents battle with insurance companies in order to provide Jillian with the equipment she needs.   I personally understand the struggle my family and many other families have gone through to provide their children with equipment they require to get through everyday life.  Therefore, I was inspired to create Jillian’s Jitterbug Foundation.  Specifically, Jillian's Jitterbug Foundation's goal is to help children that have difficulties walking independently become mobile.  We do so by providing financial assistance for families to purchase equipment that allows their children to become independent.  Jillian's Jitterbug will financially assist families in purchasing but not limited to electric wheelchair machines (including power chairs and push chairs), Ankle-Foot Orthotics (orthopedic leg braces), arm crutches, adopted bicycles, and walkers.

Mobility is critical to the physical and mental well being of children with disabilities!  It has been our personal experience that providing self-sufficiency can greatly improve independence, social interaction, academic performance and many other aspects of life.  Together, we can get disabled children moving with things like electric wheelchairs!  









    President: Kaelyn M. Edwards                                            Vice President: Jillian R. Edwards

Marketing Manger: Kimberly A. Edwards                                   Board Member: Daniel J. Edwards


Board Member: David Bidwell                                             Board Member: Lee Leibowitz

Board Member: John Shewell                                                 Volunteer: Richard Gossin

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